Rosetta International

The answer to your training needs
The only training establishment teaching subtitling in Jordan

Training is of paramount importance in preparing, maintaining and ensuring the continuous supply of professionals in any industry. We pay close attention to this aspect and play a significant role in enhancing the television and translation industry through our fully equipped training center; the only training establishment of its kind, fully designated for television subtitling in Jordan.

Innovative Approach
In our pursuit of excellence, we are the first training establishment to teach film and television subtitling in Jordan by language specialists and television professionals. As a result, we attract widespread media interest both within the kingdom and abroad. We aim to root subtitling deep into the heart of the educational establishment not only in the Hashemite Kingdom but also throughout the region.

Highly Accomplished Instructors
All our staff are highly qualified with teaching experience gathered both within the kingdom as well as at distinguished institutions in Europe and the United States.