Rosetta International

Attention to details is paramount to the success of our operation and we take pride in our methods and achievements in subtitling. We operate an internal checking system ensuring extremely high quality product - a two step procedure. Firstly, a competent Quality Checker checks subtitles for meaning and appropriate presentation on screen, timing, slang words and cultural expressions and secondly, the subtitles are linguistically checked for grammar and semantics by a competent linguist. We use state-of-the-art technology in our subtitling process wherein the translator is working in real time, a process which enables him to translate and time subtitles in the real time of the programme. Hence, the task which would otherwise require a few people to accomplish, is shortened and requires only one person while raising the quality of subtitles at the same time.

Quality checking is performed to the highest standards ensuring that all aspects of the subtitling process, from timing to language and cultural reflections, are scrutinised and error eliminated.