Rosetta International

The quality of our translations is ensured and maintained by the fact that no work can ever be submitted without rigorous proof-reading by translators working in their mother tongue. After the initial translation has been checked by its translator and compared with the original, one of our trained proof-readers will perform a detailed linguistic check and analysis of the translated text. Our translators, editors and proof-readers form an outstanding team wherein dialogue, research and knowledge are the key elements of their success at handling the different translation tasks. As a result, all deadlines can be met while maintaining our first class translation standards.

Previous assignments have covered extensive subject areas including: legal documents, finance, economics, politics, art, museums, advertising, website localisation, fashion, religion, sports, the automobile industry, catalogues and manuals, engineering, science, agriculture, environment, furniture and medical equipment. Our translators are high calibre, brilliant linguists with impeccable knowledge and experience gained internationally as well as in the Middle East and our library includes over 80 dictionaries and many reference materials covering almost all subjects in addition to our vast range of digital and multimedia resources.